That Video. 

Let’s talk about that video
A fan approached Nadine during THIS TIME taping sometime April. She asked for a photo with Nadine but was not allowed due to some restrictions as imposed by the prod team. 

A misleading headline made it appear that Nadine didn’t grant the fan’s request. Just an objective observation and from what I know, the video was on medium shot so it would be hard to catch it at first glance that Nadine (with squinty eyes due to heavy sun-rays) smiled and/or [her face] signaled “later,” to the girl who approached her. 

Following the management’s protocol, it was the staff who overtook, blocked her way and said “NO / MAMAYA NA.” Point is, they were rushing because they’re running out of day effect and there’s a lot of scenes to shoot. 

Nadine didn’t have a choice since she was ushered to the set where the crew was all-set and waiting for them. 

It was shared by a non-fan who happened to stumble upon that video (insert sarcasm here) on VIVA’s Youtube Channel FEW MONTHS AGO. Take note, VIVA’s Youtube Channel. 


1. A fault finder would always dig and look for dirt following that evil motive at the back of her head. Lagot ka kay, Lord! Tsk tsk. 

2. That effort to look for that video posted 6 months ago and that victory face after cutting that clip from VIVA’s account. I repeat from VIVA’s account. 

(Nag-marathon si ‘te!) 

Either you’re an in-denial fan or just a fault finder. 

Nonetheless, the intention was crystal clear. God knows your intention. Don’t deny it, kid. 

Let’s talk about the girl that you want to hug 😢 #insertsarcasmhere 

This is Jill. She’s the girl on that viral video who approached Nadine. She posted these photos on her twitter account last April. 

Her tweets when she found out that the video went viral. 

Be like Jill. 

On a different note, I am proud that a fan like JILL understood and respected the production team’s protocol during that time. Fans can be very intrusive, demanding and all but she chose to respect. She didn’t even insist when the staff declined her request. She didn’t take it negatively and that speaks so much of her character. 

Thank you, Jill. Be like Jill. Lemme give you a hug… a sincere one. ❤️ 

Fan Fact

There’s nothing to defend, actually. Nadine didn’t do anything wrong. I would be among the first one to call her attention if what she did was unbecoming. I am that vocal. Alam niya yon. Like I say, love corrects. But on this video alone, it was posted to put her on a bad light.  

It was misinterpreted because that’s how the haters want to position it hence the misleading headline and captions. 🙃

I shouldn’t be explaining since it was an obvious call but just a gentle reminder: You reap what you sow. What goes around, comes around

That being said, I would like to congratulate James and Nadine and the whole team behind, Dreamscape family for winning these AWARDs for OTWOL. 

If you want to know the BUSINESS IMPACT of these awards, please visit this link:

Thank you for reminding us that whenever you bash our artists, we anticipate another blessing. So keep it up! 🙃

Here goes another case study for my favorite quote: WINNERS FOCUS ON WINNING. LOSERS FOCUS ON WINNERS. Thank you, for proving it again. God bless you. 
– JDP 


TIMY: Embracing Change

It’s official. Till I Met You gets new time slot effective September 19, 2016. Hello, 9:20 PM Time Slot. 


To be very up-front and realistic, some viewers assume that it’s for the very reason that the show didn’t hit the average second-slot rating for 3-consecutive weeks.

Reviewing the netizens’ insights, some viewers think that TIMY’s plot is quite sensitive for an early time slot, that the theme is for indie films not for mainstream (insights from regular viewers… sounds unwelcoming), that we are up against a tough competitor serving its last three weeks, yada..yada..  These are some obvious factors that are affecting our numbers. 

While we dismiss the idea that it’s just a rating (and we are all for ART), it’s inevitable for detractors to take a feast over the show’s current slate. That brings a lot of pressure on us. 

Attitude. It makes all the difference. Babysitting all negativities speaks so much on how I let my emotions get the best of me. Here’s how I try to understand where the management is coming from and why moving the time slot of TIMY is the best decision for them. 



Reviewing the past shows on the 8:30 PM Time Slot made me observe the missing element on TIMY. Most of the past series share a common denominator: HEAVY DRAMA. That’s what viewers expect on the second slot. TIMY’s approach is nowhere near the typical Filipino Series where each story inherits the oh-so-common concepts that the traditional viewers enjoy. (Kidnapan, Ampon, Patayan, Gantihan, Rich-Girl-Poor-Guy Drama and the likes…)

These shows soared high on the ratings game, years ago. While I appreciate how non clichè and brave TIMY is, the conservative majority have expectations in mind that are hard to break. That’s the reality and we have to accept that. Perhaps, the 8:30 PM Viewers are not ready for the theme that TIMY carries. Maybe, a cliché element should be retained on the initial arc of the story if you want to position a show on the 2nd slot.

The question is, do we have to compromise the creative spin of TIMY just to accommodate the viewing profile of the said time slot? 


The market of James and Nadine is mostly working professionals. The decision is favorable to majority of James and Nadine’s followers. That’s a fact. I can attest to that as I am among the viewers who rush their way home just to catch up on Till I Met You. 

(Doctors and Lawyers of OTWOL) 

We battle everyday traffic and heavy workload so our ADAYLO states that 9 – 9:30 PM is usually the standard time to cool off. 

More often than not, I read confessions from viewers who don’t watch Filipino Dramas because of the usual treatment that they always see on TV not until OTWOL happened.   James and Nadine acquired a different audience to ABSCBN.

I mean if we review the profile of these people, these are the viewers who are very much open to a different approach and something out of the box. They want to see something refreshing, unique and thought-provoking.


I don’t have the right to speak in behalf of the management but the last time I checked they are positive about TIMY. Few adjustments have been made to address some concerns but that doesn’t mean they are disappointed.

Why would they be disappointed? We have these under our belt. Nothing has changed.

  • Fast Selling Merchandise: Blame it to the purchasing power of all the JaDine Fans. (ABSCBN Store is always out of stock – TIMY Items)
  • Commercial Traffic: We have 48-50 Ads in average per episode. That’s a good sign.
  • TIMY is the most watched program on IWANTV

(Compare it to the average monthly views of other shows that ended already)

  • TIMY is the Most Watched Program on TFC
  • TIMY is the Most Watched Show on TFC.TV

Management Feedback: “Tong mga JaDine Fans na to gusto laging bumibili”

So, are we redefining the word “Flop?”

It didn’t start the way we expected but that doesn’t mean it ends there. We have a long way to go and there’s always room for redemption.


We have this perception that an early time slot is a bragging right. Just like in a regular job, we see it as ‘promotion.’ We earned that 2nd Time Slot because of OTWOL’s record-breaking and game-changing performance. But, it’s not for us. 

Remember that the time slot of a show doesn’t define or dictate its success.

OTWOL was on the third slot but it’s inarguably, ABS CBN’s front runner and most awarded 2015 series.


Year Association Award Category Nominee Result Source
2015 Star Cinema 2015 Awards Favorite TV Show On the Wings of Love Won [9]
Global City Innovative College 1st GIC Innovation Awards for Television Most Innovative TV Series On the Wings of Love Won [10]
2016 Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation 47th Box-Office Entertainment Awards Prince of Philippine Television James Reid Won [11]
Princess of Philippine Television Nadine Lustre Won
Anak TV 18th Anak TV Seal Awards Household Favorite TV Program On the Wings of Love Won [12]
Myx 11th MYX Music Awards Favorite Media Soundtrack Kyla Won [13]
Favorite Remake Kyla Won
University of Santo Tomas 12th USTV Students’ Choice Awards Students’ Choice of Drama Program On the Wings of Love Won [14]
Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas 24th Golden Dove Awards Best TV Drama Program On the Wings of Love Won [15]
Philippine Entertainment Portal The PEP List Year 3 Awards Primetime Series of the Year On the Wings of Love Won [16]
Teleserye Supporting Actress of the Year Cherry Pie Picache Won

Let’s give it a rest. It’s just a time slot. 

There’s a lot of should’ve and could’ve-been’s but acceptance is the key. 

Just like what Dreamscape said, “JaDine is phenomenal on that third time slot!”


“Let’s bring back the OTWOL Habit.” This gives me chills.


TBH, it was only last Thursday that I can say that I fully enjoyed the episode of TIMY. (Sorry!)

I was like. “There you, go. We’re finally back. The OTWOL Formula is back!”


I have never been this excited to watch Till I Met You after last Thursday’s episode. We’re able to strongly deliver the message that the show wants to convey which is acceptance for the LGBT Community. I applaud the bravery but I am also excited to see how the other characters would evolve on the show. The plot thickens. It’s exciting to see all lead characters in one frame and that’s what’s in store for us next week. I think TIMY is up for their first acting ensemble on Monday.

JUST A RECO. While we enjoy the indie-vibe of TIMY, I hope we can still marry the mainstream element considering the insights of other viewers. Anyhow, I am positive that better days are coming.

I guess majority of the fans shared the same reaction when the reshuffle was announced. There’s high level of frustration. I imagine how haters would gang up on us; how they throw all the hate in the world. I can even see the smirk on their faces and how they celebrate our misery. It’s really disappointing given those negative scenarios in my head.

But WINNERS focus on WINNING while LOSERS focus on WINNERS. 🙂 

It’s time to shift gears.  Focus on winning. Let it be. Bilog ang mundo. Take this as a blessing in disguise. We thought that second slot is what’s best for us but maybe God wants us to be a champion of the third slot. That’s our specialty.. We succeeded on that late time slot not to mention the age bracket of then first-timer James and Nadine. We can do that again. Let’s embrace the challenge. Let’s embrace change. 

Don’t worry about James and Nadine. Both of them are positive about this change. 🙂


Remember, it’s not how you start.. It’s how you finish. 🙂

I trust that this will work to our advantage.

Till I Met You, weeknights after Magpahanggang Wakas.

To God be the glory.

All the best,


On Pedro Penduko

“The motive behind criticism often determines its validity. Those who care criticize where necessary. Those who envy criticize the moment they think that they have found a weak spot.” – Criss Jami, Kilosophy

Let’s talk about Pedro Penduko

The last image I had with Pedro Penduko (PP) was when Janno Gibbs portrayed the role in that movie late 1990s. He was then paired with LJ Moreno who was also his leading lady in the famous 90s sitcom, “Ober Da Bakod.” So when the news came out that James Reid is considered to get the role of PP, I immediately dropped the idea. I mean, the role is too Pinoy for him. 
But then the makers defended that the remake carries a plot that this Pedro Penduko resides in New York, hence the consideration for James Reid to snag the role. Okay. Then, we are good. (Correct me if I am wrong, all I know is that the character is Fil-Am) UPDATED: I don’t have an idea what foreigner touch they’re going to do) 

An IG post gained speculations and stirred an issue that (just in case) James accepts the role, there will be a new leading lady on board coming from the same artist agency. That’s when the chaos began. 

FANS REACT: Is It true? 

The official fans club of JaDine received a word from VIVA that nothing’s final yet with the casting of Pedro Penduko, not even a script. The fans were even advised by some members of Team JaDine to never assume unless otherwise announced officially. 

: The IG Post is meant to tease the fans and drive publicity. It’s there to gain social media traffic. It’s there for a reason. I believe it’s posted with the intention to test the waters on how the fans would accept it just in case James does it without Nadine as his leading lady. Sorry, but I think it was intentional. I bet they got the results they need and it’s the same with the reception of the fans when James’ name was tagged to have project with a musical theater actress, with Alex Gonzaga, etc., 
The list goes on but the reception remains the same.  

FANS REACT: Individual Growth

Flashback: VIVA made a good call that we’re all thankful for last 2014. I remember GMA7 planned to sign James as contract artist after the success of Diary Ng Panget. It was a solo offer for James but VIVA declined it because the fans wanted JaDine. It has been a part and parcel package ever since. Little did we know that ABSCBN – Dreamscape was already plotting an offer for James and Nadine. If I remember it correctly, Nadine is pegged as the next Juday. (Updated: though it’s a long way to go as the next Juday)

I hope that VIVA would make a good call again regarding the PP issue. But it’s different now. It has been a strategic move to tag along “Team B” artists to the “Team A” of any artist agency. It’s been a practice in VIVA and Star Magic. We see Donnalyn B, and Bret Jackson in some JaDine projects. By all means, go ahead. A love triangle is completely okay, too. But to break the love team? Is it the right time? 

. Fans say that James and Nadine also need to grow individually. I am all for growth. But for me, growth means working with Veteran Actors and exploring other acting genres. How can it be growth if James and Nadine will be obliged to pull someone up? That’s not how I see growth. That growth would benefit the other stars, not James and Nadine. Not that the fans are being selfish, but we can help without disrupting the team up, right?
Growth means seeing Enrique Gil in an indie film entitled “Dukot.” Growth means seeing Daniel Padilla as part of the iconic movie remake “Bonifacio.” They can grow without throwing the hype of JaDine’s team-up. The hype that we worked hard for over the last two years. 

I would love to see James in a family-oriented drama, casted alongside John Lloyd Cruz, Anne Curtis, Christopher De Leon… something like “Sa’yo Lamang.” I would love to see Nadine in an action film directed by Erik Matti (how i wish Darna but Darna is Angel Locsin – but hey.. can Nadine play the young Darna?). I can also imagine Nadine staging a movie remake of VIVA Films Classic Movie “Do Re Mi” with Sarah Geronimo. 

: It’s too early to call. Why? Let’s accept it. James and Nadine haven’t done a film with great substance, quality and something in-depth. None for the last 2 years. We need an output that would cling a best actor and best actress award. Aim for that and that’s how we define growth, at least for now. . It’s all teeny-bopper. There’s a movie stigma attached to their names. They need to remove it first. There’s inconsistency when it comes to their projects. Both of them have to establish a solid reputation across all areas first before going solo. I am after their stability first. 

FANS REACT: Let James decide

I remember I tweeted that James would be the first one to say NO if he gets the role without Nadine as his leading lady. Well, I am not sure about that now. I don’t want to set an assumption. I also don’t have the right to speak on his behalf. 

Super Hero Role is part of James’ bucket list. It has been his dream and I don’t want to stop him from doing so. We are fans after all. Fans help artists pursue their dreams. So the ball is in James’ hands but my gut feel tells me that Nadine will always be part of his system. That’s what his heart would say. Let his heart decide.. I mean, let James decide. 🙂 
It’s James’ dream to do an action movie but let us not forget that it’s also Nadine’s dream to do one. It’s all our reason why we were pushing her for Darna because she has all the potential to kill an action role. 

FANS REACT: We need QUALITY Film for JaDine 

Quality over quantity: A long overdue clamor since 2014. #QualityDrivenOverQuotaDriven

I am not afraid to see them go solo as long as they were able to establish a solid reputation based on their previous projects. If I were to back track, the only remarkable projects they had so far were DNP, OTWOL and THIS TIME. But we know that OTWOL is the only project with depth. We need more of that. 

(UPDATED: As long as the output promises quality, then go ahead. Go solo.)
I hope it’s not half-baked. Well, one thing’s sure.. PP is not happening this year. 
Fans get tired, too. Fan Servicing is already hard given every project has the two of them together, what more if we just have to sell only one? And with less-quality project.. I think it would be thrice as hard to sell the project. We can only do so much. We promote it for the love, but I guess the fans and JaDine deserve better. 


I trust that VIVA knows best. I always say that. I express this with utmost love and respect. I’ve met the people behind Team JaDine and I know that they’ll listen. 
James’ face is plastered as the cover of the book already. So I think, they’re just waiting for James to accept the project but there’s no word if Nadine’s part of it so I kindda understand where the fans are coming from. Guess prevention is better than cure.
I hope the opinions of the fans still matter. We are just fans…but we are not JUST fans. Hindi po kami nagmamagaling. I hope expressing our opinions won’t translate into that. Fans are here to collaborate. We are a paying audience as well. We have to listen to the people that we aim to please. 
Fans can be way too demanding. Let’s call their attention to tone it down and make them understand. If fans are being disrespectful, I hope it could be called out professionally. 
I just feel bad for my co-supporters who were slammed with rude treatments over and over again. I hope that the fans would also be spared with so much belittling given that we only mean well and we carry our opinions with good intention. 🙂 No, we don’t expect you to “baby” us, we expect a harmonious exchange of discussion. Give and take, as always. Relationship is never one-way. 

Remember when James stood up for the fans when he said “FANS FIRST” while the “organizers” of a show abroad kept on cutting the line. That’s love. 

LAST IMO: I believe the management is toying the idea already. Let’s just cross the bridge when we get there but hey prevention is better than cure, right? 
Well, they are experts, anyway. Who are we to dictate? But with the cluttered insights all over social media, it’s easy to gauge the observations of fans and even the non-fans. 

Before, fans are JUST cheerleaders. Now, FANS ARE BECOMING MORE COLLABORATIVE. That’s who we are. 

Plant goodness and it will be rewarded back to you. Plant evil and it will bounce back to you a hundred fold

For the love, 


P.S. The management knows this already. Sila expert. They’re in the business for how many years. Hindi pa ako buhay. But a blog post  wouldn’t hurt. I only have good intention. 


Brave. Relevant. Brilliant. 

These are pretty much the top of mind reactions of fans, celebrity guests and key media personalities who graced the Advanced Screening of Till I Met You last August 28, 2016. From ASAP, to TIMY Press Conference and Mall Show, the TIMY Grand Preview was the last event that capped off the much-awaited JaDine World Day. 

TIMY is the return of the famous On the Wings of Love (OTWOL) Trio: JaDaoDine which stands for JAmes Reid, Direk Tonet JaDAOne, and NaDINE Lustre. More than just the comeback of JaDaoDine on ABSCBN Primetime Bida, TIMY launches a new trio welcoming a fresh talent on board, Theater Star – JC Santos. 

Welcome Back, JaDaoDine and hello, JaCDine. 

It was a controversial start for TIMY as soon as Dreamscape launches its first trailer during the trade show last July. There’s a lot of speculations on the table. The TIMY Grand Preview helped me kill all my doubts, worries, etc., as it tackles a very sensitive issue on LGBT. 

Killer Question No.1: How is the LGBT Theme handled on TIMY? 

I was impressed on how the writers and directors handled it well based on the Pilot Week Episode Preview. The execution was careful. I am sure that while the intention is to speak on behalf of the LGBT Community, the writers didn’t forget the silent majority – or let’s say, the conservative viewers. It’s actually a win-win situation. It’s more than the usual plot on LGBT. It’s well researched and intelligently-written and directed. 

It’s a big challenge for TIMY because LGBT is not just a national issue. 

Killer Question No.2: How is TIMY different from OTWOL? 

I understand that it’s inevitable to compare TIMY from OTWOL. I think it’s just the matter of meeting and exceeding your expectations since we have a premise. TIMY carries an entirely different theme and concept. It’s incomparable. Their common denominator is that it embraces the same charm. 


TIMY goes heavy on narrating the family background of Iris and Ali. The back story is important for the viewers to appreciate the foundation of friendship from Carmina, Pokwang and Angel to Iris and Ali. As it reaches the peak of the story when Iris, Ali and Basti meet, you’ll appreciate why there’s emphasis on the roots of Iris and Ali’s character and who’s Zoren Legaspi in the story. My advice: Be patient. Let it unravel. 


I am proud of James and Nadine on how generous they are on sharing the spotlight with their co-actors, especially with JC Santos. This is a clear proof that artists like James and Nadine show no sign of greed at all. Hindi sila takot matabunan. 

JC is the flag-bearer of the LGBT Theme that’s why he shares an equal chunk of screen time with James and Nadine. Viewers will enjoy his moments. He is well-received by many because based on the preview, he nailed the portrayal of the confused-Ali. After TIMY, JC Santos is the next important star to watch out for. 


Wait until you reach the Greece scenes and expect a comic showdown between Iris, Ali and Basti. It’s epic. 


“Husay” is the new PUSH. IKAW NA. ACHIEVE. JUSKOLORD. 
DUG-DUG-DUG-DUG-DUG-DUG dictates the dynamics of TIMY’s love story. It was beautifully inserted. 
Killer Question No.3: Your thoughts on James Reid as Basti?

I want James to veer away from the typical eye-candy role because I believe he’s an actor and he can do better than just making the ladies scream. Thank God for Basti. Basti marries the character and emotional tension of OTWOL’s Clark and TBYD’s Top. 
P.S. Props to James for pulling off scenes while watching the sweet moments of Ali and Iris. 
Killer Question No.4: Your thoughts on Nadine Lustre as Iris? 

TIMY seals the ROM COM QUEEN title for Nadine Lustre. Without a doubt, Nadine masters the rom-com genre with her eyes closed. Her scenes are well-applauded. I didn’t see Leah at all. She’s the clear winner here. 

Challenge Accepted. That’s how I see it for Dreamscape. 

Dreamscape continues to produce series with concepts that aim to live up with the purpose of entertainment. Gone are the days when the main anchor of every series is nothing but the love story of the lead characters. Dreamscape sees to it that every project has a powerful message to the viewers. A message that is highly-beneficial to the community. A message that is relevant. 

See to yourself why viewers speak so highly of JC Santos, why TIMY Advanced Screening attendees are confused on which team-up to root for: Is it Ali-Iris? Ali-Basti? Or Basti-Iris? As for me, I am on team AlBaRis. The chemistry of this trio is too much to handle. 

If you’re tired of the usual Filipino plot, don’t worry TIMY saves the day. Join us on our twitter party tonight #TIMYLoveBegins. TIMY premieres tonight after FPJ: Ang Probinsyano. Thank you, TIMYllennials! 

TEAM REAL Book Review

It’s entitled “Team Real” for a reason; and I am not just referring to the relationship of James and Nadine.
The expectation of many is finding out the love journey of JaDine as a couple, but the thing is, the book is all about how their authenticity won the hearts of many. This book justifies it across all aspects.

Let’s start.



Technical skills wise, you have to give it to Ms Irish Dizon and Merlito. The creative treatment is beyond what I’ve expected as it turns out to be a travel and lifestyle manual and a how-to that could benefit even the non-fans.

ON BEING EYE CANDY. The cutest thing is, James and Nadine would rather encourage you to love yourself and be yourself than giving the typical artista tips (i.e. Use Ponds, use Master Facial Wash 😹)

TRAVEL ASPECT: I see that James and Nadine invest on experience rather than material things. One influences the other.

MONEY TALKS: Their discipline reminds me of a saying – “Just because you CAN, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.” 

The depth of the content is cringe-worthy. It lives by the sub copy that it’s an all-access to James and Nadine’s world.

But i would like to give a shout out on how it was written. The editor took a backseat and let JaDine do the talking. It’s as if we are having a conversation with James and Nadine. While reading chapter 1, I feel like James and Nadine are touring me around their house. It is that personal. It is intimate and I bet the fans loved it. Props to the editor.
The meat of the matter

Okay. As a fan, I need the book. Weird but Team Real is actually a compilation of all the reasons why I choose to stay despite all the BS. At some point, just like James, I wanted out. I would lie if I say that leaving the group never crossed my mind.
Embracing the Real James

If you have been a fan since 2014, you’ll get used to the ever-candid James. James is often misconstrued because on how he speaks his mind. He deviates from the usual sugar-coated showbiz answer just to lure the fans.

Offhand, fans would think that this dude is so careless, so conceited, so sabaw but eventually you’d realize that he’s actually giving us a favor. He would never say something not genuine only to break the hearts of his fans. He’s never paasa. For the newbies, here’s the catch about James: If totoo, totoo. If hindi, hindi. Bahala ka sa buhay mo.

About Chapter 8, some fans (whom I assume are late bloomers) rant on how James narrated his journey. I guess you missed out the whole point. You’ll never appreciate the beauty of their love story without the pain and the challenges they have been through in the past. It’s pretty much the same on how sweet and exhilarating the victory is because of the obstacles that you were able to overcome. That’s what James is trying to convey.

Stop living in the shadows of the past. Appreciate it instead. Sometimes you have to experience all the BS in life in order to realize what’s worth having.

Embracing the Real Nadine

Reading the book, I expected to be entertained. But after learning on Nadine’s journey, the book inspires me more than it entertains me. Ridiculous as this may sound but it’s amazing how this 22-year old independent chick inspires the 26-year-old me.
I appreciate Nadine’s individuality. It’s so brave of her to pinpoint her flaws! Some girls would hold back but Nadine enumerates it! As in! No sign of insecurity at all. She positioned herself as a game changer inspiring young individuals to never change but instead embrace what God has given you and how He made you.

Nadine’s Chapter 8: On how Nadine stays her ground as a princess of God who’s worth pursuing. – this speaks so much on how her family raised her well. Nadine knows her value. That’s something that you girls have to learn from her. Like for a typical girl, at her age, she knows how to control her feelings and uses her mind instead.
Other girls would chase but Nadine chooses to live by her principles. She has her standards and she never lets anyone ruin it, not even James. I believe that character wowed James. Look at the reward you’ll get from being an obedient daughter.

Why Celebrities NEED to buy TEAM REAL. 

The entertainment industry meets their game-changers in James and Nadine. You don’t have to conform with the showbiz culture just to be successful in the industry. It’s being real that makes them phenomenal. 

Celebrities will learn a lot from James and Nadine. They never used the showbiz or the “loveteam” promo card just to make it. In the industry when management instructs artists to play with the viewers’ emotions and follow demands, here comes two people who sell nothing but pure honesty. How they position themselves came in as a surprise to many! It was hard to accept at first but it pays to wait and see how it happens, naturally.
The clamor for more

Okay. I understand the fans’ reactions on the pre-hyped Chapter 8. Others say it’s BITIN. I expected that the fans would yearn for more especially when it comes to JaDine’s love story.
Don’t get me wrong but my mindset prior to reading the book is just be contented with what’s in it. If you look at the totality of the book, it’s sensible. It’s written not for the sake of but the book carries a purpose. Actually, spoiled na nga tayo eh. 👅 

But there are topics that I wish should’ve been included and parts that could’ve been omitted. 

For example: The verbatim of JaDine’s dinner in Barcino. This could’ve been omitted since this was covered already during OTWOL Reel to Real. The fans know this already. This could have been replaced with the aftermath of February 20.

Though I appreciate the JaDine In Love in numbers concept, I feel like the space could’ve been allocated to a more beefy untold stories. ✌🏻️

How I wish there’s a family touch on the book, as well. If there’s spotlight for Team JaDine… I wonder if we could include one for the families of James and Nadine.
Say for example: One liner from the parents of JaDine would be interesting, right? With that being said, book 2 or Team Real extended version, please? 🙃

– Over all, I am a happy reader! We may have different expectations but at the end of the day, continue to support TEAM REAL and props to the team behind the book! 🙌🏻

Congratulations! To God be the glory.
JaDine Publicist

Define OA

My inbox is full, as always. More often than not, I read (or browse through some) inquiries, shout-out requests, messages from bashers, open letters from other teams, praises, suggestions, confessions from “silent JaDine Fans,” unsolicited advice from dummy accounts and the likes. 

But there’s this million-dollar question that I’ve been getting since last Monday: 

“Are James and Nadine okay?”

My reaction: My gahhhdddd! Eyes-roll! 🙄🙄🙄

Geeeezzzz, people are so paranoid just because they are on separate vacation. 😳🙄 

Oh well, here’s to address whatever IG Post it is that keeps on spreading false information (yet again) about JaDine. 

Answering all your non-sense speculations in one-go: 😳 

COLD SHOULDERS since Arrival Day

Naysayers are so demanding. Seriously? Please remind yourself that James and Nadine are in a relationship and YOU ARE NOT EVEN PART OF IT so please get a life. Stop demanding as if YOU’RE “THE” GIRLFRIEND or whatever. *Shocks I am on beast mode* 

James got into an accident. Both of them were in shock. On top of that, they were worried about the next show. These kids had to pick themselves up right away and come up with an immediate PLAN B just to give the audience their A performance despite of what happened. 

Heto pa – galing sa jetlag. Walang pahinga. What would you expect?! MOMOL pa din? My goodness. 🙄


Why is it easy for you guys to react negatively towards James? After all these times. Common sense, dude. Don’t you think he invited Nadine offhand to join him on his family vacation? Pretty much sure, he did. 

I am with Nadine on her decision to let James enjoy his RARE Family Time with UNDIVIDED attention. Gets? That goes to show how selfless and independent she is and I bet Naddie’s maturity, or rather way of thinking, is one of the reasons why James fell in love with her. Ladies, there are two types of being clingy – THE ANNOYING ONE and THE CUTE ONE. Nadine is the latter type. 

Rest your case, negatrons. I don’t sugarcoat anything. So when I say THEY ARE OKAY. THEY ARE PERFECTLY FINE. 

On a positive note, please be reminded that


Hindi ba kayo na-e-excite sa pagkikita nila? Ako, OO!!


To be honest, it annoys me whenever I read ‘mema‘ comments on James and Nadine’s IG Feeds. See, that’s the downside of social media. It controls how you see things. It magnifies issues that shouldn’t be an issue, anyway! Bashers are there to disrupt your peaceful life. That’s their purpose. If you let them spoil your mood, then congrats, you just made them achieve their evil goals.  

I wonder how these people find that courage to claim petty issues using their dummy accounts. Would you expect people to believe you and your dummy account? Ridiculous! That alone validates that your claim is nothing but NON-SENSE. Geeeezzz. Get a life. 🙄

My advice dear readers, before you go gaga over any issues, LOOK BACK and LOOK AHEAD. 

LOOK BACK. What I mean is, please TAKE INTO ACCOUNT ALL THE THINGS THAT JAMES DID FOR NADINE and vice versa. Don’t let a petty issue scrap ALL THE GOOD THINGS that they did for each other. 


LOOK AHEAD. There are a lot of things that will happen from this day forward. What they have is something great, why ruin it considering a lot of things that they’ll have in the future? 

• JaDine Book (Big Revelation) 

• James Reid’s Album (One of the tracks includes the song that he wrote FOR NADINE) 

• Movie co prod with Star Cinema

• Shows and Regional Tours 

• Nadine’s Album


Exciting, isn’t it? So stop overthingking. Gaaaahhhddd! 





One more time. 

Repeat after me!!! 


Hun, please don’t expect JaDine to report their whereabouts every now and then. May I also remind you that their relationship is not a reality TV series where you can direct and tell them what to do, what to post and what not to post. Geeeezzzz!!! 

They have already admitted their relationship. Tama na. Let us be thankful for whatever it is that they can share. Binigay na nila ang kanang kamay nila, pati ba naman kaliwa?! Ahy mashadoooo!!!! 


Gets? I hope this suffice. So please, stop the drama. 

Again, I don’t sugarcoat things. (ulit-ulit!!!) If you know me since 2014, you’ll get what I mean. I gained enemies because of me being too straightforward, transparent, honest and vocal.

You can never fake love. 

No more OA, please! Stop wasting your time. Divert your attention to something way meaningful. Sana natauhan na po kayo. K na po? Shems

That’s it!